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Cindy Kessinger-Wenninger is a vocal coach with experience teaching MIX. What is Mix? Mix is a blend between your chest voice and your head voice. If you have those hiccups or funny little flip sounds in-between your head voice and your chest voice,┬áCindy instructs you how to blend the two voices (MIX) so you sound the same top to bottom! If you are tired of trying to avoid singing in that area of your voice, or performing only songs that┬ástay away from that so called passageway, you will no longer need to with my techniques! Our bodies were made to sing through from top to bottom correctly and our brain sometimes gets in the way, along with vocal coaches that don’t know how to teach this style then never address how you can physiologically sing and sing well! Mix is how!

Offering half hour and hour lessons.

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Cindy Kessinger-Wenninger