Judy Davis – Vocal Techniques

Hello all fans and fellow students of Judy Davis, the Vocal Coach to many amazing singers such as Steve Perry, Barbara Streisand, Frank Sinatra, Eddie Money, Cher, Judy Garland, Gracie Slick and of course us!!  Shoot, I had Sammy Hagar’s back-up band in MY class for a while! Judy Davis was a gem of a coach and her goal was to teach a centered  placement of sound, create an even balance between air and muscle and strengthen  the vocal cords and relax larynx and  muscles so as not to strain, compress, tighten and rise or flip when singing!

If you have ever studied with Judy, I  created a  Judy Davis Vocal Coach/Students “Facebook” Page. Send me  your friend request.  Just search (Judy Davis Vocal Coach/Students)…you’ll find us.

We have almost  50 members now! I am hoping we can keep her teachings in the forefront as she was certainly way ahead of some of those that coach now like Seth Riggs,Brett Manning etc. Although I like some of  the SLS teachings, Judy was an amazing coach and loved and had a passion for teaching all of us or as she would say cleaning our pipes!

Judy’s techniques were ahead of the rest! She had a passion for her students.

Be sure to look for us on Facebook.

We are sharing memories, notes, AND  hee downs…ha ha …and some of us still have our cassettes. I have received several emails from those that have lost theirs, made a few copies and sent out to some of her past students and also shared some memories!

Thanks for reading.  Many Blessings.


Judy Davis Vocal Coach Video

Judy with her husband Mr. Kovacs…

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