About Cindy

Cindy has left Colorado after 25 years and has relocated to DeLand, Florida. She will be retiring there and is no longer teaching voice.

Teaching Mixed Voice technique. The “Mixed Voice” technique gives you the ease of singing low to high with no bumps or hiccups!

Cindy Kessinger is the  Executive Director of the Lone Tree Symphony Orchestra and plans to retire this August 2021.
She holds a degree in K-12 Vocal/Piano Music Education from the University of Nebraska at Omaha and received several scholarships and honors in music.
She was a studio singer in California and the Midwest, and for over 10 years sang for many top production companies such as Alan Funt Productions, Litwin Mortan Productions, Denny Yaeger Productions, Words and Music and Ed Bogas in California.

Ms. Kessinger is also a composer and is always working on several projects.

As a voice teacher Cindy utilizes the techniques of Judy Davis, a top vocal coach in California who taught  Barbara Streisand, Frank Sinatra, Cher, Steve Perry, Mary Martin, Janis Joplin, Judy Garland, Gracie Slick, Eddie Money and many other famous singers and actors.

Focusing on Larynx Positions, Relaxation, Phonics, Speech Beautification, Posture, Support, Vibrato, Range, Power, Freeing your Voice, Vocal Fold Closure, Mixing (smooth transition between chest and head voice), Healthy Belting… you will sing better  — FASTER and with EASE!

Ms. Kessinger is as accredited member of IVTOM. International Voice Teachers of Mix.

Cindy has kept busy with being a part of local theatre musical productions such as Annie  Princess Pages and the  Inspirecreative.org production of An Evening on Broadway at the Lone Tree Arts Center .

As well Ms. Kessinger performed in the past  for local assisted living facilities in the South Metro and directs a Special needs choir and chorale, The Wellspring Wonders Choir and The Wellspring Chorale.

Call 303 909 6268
Email: info@SingingLessonsByCindy.com

Location: DeLand Florida

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