“Cindy is professional, encouraging, and fun person to work with. She is also very knowledgable about the techniques and the physical elements that go into singing and how to harness their potential and improve them. Over the four years that I have been working with Cindy, I have improved so much in my overall singing quality, stage presence, and confidence when I sing. I have also seen these improvements in other students of Cindy’s. Cindy will also work with you if you want just a few lessons to learn techniques or if you need to prepare for auditions or events. I would recommend Cindy to anyone who wants to learn proper vocal techniques, improve their singing, or improve their confidence and have fun doing it!”

Brittney VerBerkmoes

“Cindy has been an amazing Instructor/vocal coach.  My daughter has studied with her for 6 years. During this time my daughter  has excelled  in her auditions along with the opportunity to audition for the  Xfactor .  Cindy works with many styles of music and has helped my daughter enjoy and be able to sing these different styles.  The technique that Cindy teaches provides a solid foundation that really opens up the voice to express itself freely. Cindy is friendly, fun and very knowledgeable. She has been a blessing to our lives and we look forward to seeing her every week for new ideas.”



“Cindy has a great way of keeping my daughter engaged and excited about learning more.”

Stacey Dowling

“Cindy is an excellent vocal teacher, and can help with many styles of music. She is also quite fun! My teen daughter and I have taken lessons from Cindy. During that time, my breathing improved and she helped me merge my lower and upper registers for a smoother transition. Cindy is friendly, encouraging, well-trained and knowledgable.”

Crista and Bella

“Cindy, I wanted to let you know that over 200 kids auditioned for the prep choir of the Colorado Children’s Chorale. There were 100 spots filled…and my daughter was among them!!!! She was very excited and thrilled! Thank you SO much for helping her the week prior to auditions!!!”


“Cindy worked with my daughter before an audition for one of Inspire Creative’s plays. I was so impressed with how much she helped her in just a few lessons. She even made herself available on the day of the audition!! My daughter got a great part, her biggest role to date. She was beyond ecstatic ! Thank you Cindy !!”


Google Reviews

“Guess what Cindy – My daughter won the middle school division! She is on cloud nine and we are sooooo proud of her! Thank you so much for the lesson!”


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