Judy Davis Vocal Techniques

Hello all former voice students and fans of Judy Davis/Vocal Coach . About two years ago I pulled out my Judy Davis vocal eases from the early 80′s and started singing with them again. Remember the Hee Downs and the “ee eh ah aw oos”? The “Hee Downs” were used, among other things, to teach vowel placement, to keep the buzz and keep the air forward while holding the tongue between the molars so it would not arch.  Ms. Davis used to say “go OUT, not up”! I have such fond memories of the classes I had with her. Thank goodness I recorded and have kept a cassette one of those lesson days!

I started teaching voice about two and a half years ago and am using her vocal eases/techniques and those of MY voice teacher here in Denver who holds her certification in Speech Level Singing . The two techniques seem to mirror each other in many ways. I have most of my students sing some of the classics that Ms. Davis had us work with such as the song “Blue Moon” and incorporate the phonics/vowel sounds that she taught us so we would sing with proper delivery as well as speak so . We would write the sound(s) above each word. For example…Blue (oo) Moon (oo) you (ee oo) saw (aw) me (ee) standing (<eh> ee) alone ( (eh) aw oo) . The “ee eh <eh> (eh) ah aw and oos were the only ones used that I recall.

There are so many amazing vocal exercises these days. Most I have found online. I feel that a voice cannot be put into a box with only one technique, but I also feel that Judy Davis’ vocal techniques and those of my SLS teacher AND another favorite Brett Manning seem to fix the many issues that keep students from freeing their voice and finding their MIX!!

I have just been certified as an “International Voice Teacher of MixIVTOM through Dean Kaelin and cannot tell you how thrilled I am to be a part of his team. He hosts monthly online singing tutorials and singing tips as well and I am very anxious for the next one! Keep on singing!  Feel free to email me with any questions or your memories of class with Judy Davis Vocal Coachat: info@SingingLessonsByCindy.com

Thank you!

Cindy Kessinger-Wenninger

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